We got invited to Ryerson!

Huge THANKS to Ryerson and the Ryerson Image Centre who invited us this past weekend to check out the WEEGEE - Murder is my business exhibit yesterday. For an intense decade between 1935 and 1946, Weegee (1899–1968) was one of the most relentlessly inventive figures in American photography. His graphically dramatic and often lurid photographs of New York crimes and news events set the standard for what has become known as tabloid journalism.

Our guys had the opportunity to see how different photography was and how much it and the world has changed in less than 100 years. The world, our city and our communities hear about violence so often so i thought this exhibit was extremely relevant for us. With videos as well as actual articles from the past it was really hard for us to leave. I thought it was funny that beyond all the murders they were most shocked about pepsi being only 5 cents back in the day. I’m so proud of my guys because not only were they respectful during our time there but they were also super helpful. I found a few of them helping an old couple use the tablet that had information on the exhibit and they continued conversing with them until the couple left. You guys definitely represented us well. Thank you to everyone continuing to support us!