#ShootForPeace in Esplanade

About a month ago I started a small initiative in Regent Park called #ShootForPeace. Its a program where about 10-12 kids and I go out once a week and take a walk out of our own neighbourhood and explore the city. We usually start with a quick lesson, shoot and then review our work. The purpose is for the kids to get out of their comfort zone and ultimately have fun with it. Our philosophy is solely based on the idea of shooting what makes you happy. We currently pair up and shoot with a bunch of my cameras and their cellphones. 

On Nov, 22 2015 We took a walk around Esplanade and had a shoot at the court. It was incredible to watch and observe the different perspectives of these young photographers. Plus we ran into @sooteeoh so that was fun! Very excited to see where they’ll be in a year. 

group picture-2.jpg