Sneakers and Street Photography with @Re.mark & @Brxson

Last Sunday Dec 20th we had @Re.Mark (Sharmarke) and @Brxson (Bryson) take time out of their busy schedules to join us. Sharmarke requested that we shoot in Financial District. We were also lucky to have @Mad.Visuals (Maddy) show up to help volunteer as well. As soon as we got to king and bay we had the instructors talk a little bit about themselves and how they got into photography. One of the kids pointed out that he found it very interesting that Bryson first intended to get into videography to film Skiing. After the introductions we split the kids into two groups. The first group would shoot sneakers and portraits with Sharmarke and the second group would shoot Architectural and street photography with Bryson and Maddy. With just twenty minutes in you could hear the screams of excitement from the kids after each shot, and their eagerness to show the instructors as well as their peers their results. They shot for well over two hours and would’ve continued if i hadn’t reminded everyone it was time for us to wrap up. Bryson, Maddy and Sharmarke were very impressed with the young photographers and how keen they were to prefect the new techniques they were taught. Almost all of our instructors told me how inspirational it was to teach the kids and how it helped change their perspective on photography. 

Below are photos the children shot and were then edited by the instructors.